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This is the future site of News Pace, which will be a community-driven news site. Our goal is to remove the clutter and discord of finding relevant and concise information on news today via an engaged online comunity. This effort is in its very earliest steps, so please check back often for the latest! Read on for more information.

Thanks, EBP

Our Mission Statement

To bring clear, concise, and unbiased reporting of news events to the world via an engaged online community.

What makes us different

We (News Pace) are a small group dedicated to being as unbiased as possible when it comes to administering the site. Large companies have time and time again proved that they are not capable of adhering to strict ethical guidelines when it comes to media. Keeping a small, independent, and transparent company in charge of the site helps keep the integrity of the site's information in tact. We accomplish this through having the organization "News Pace" separate from the owning company Epic Breakfast Productions, and the administering group separate from those creating the media. News Pace itself is treated as an independent entity, comprised of a few dedicated individuals driven to operate the site in an unbiased fashion.

The problem we are addressing

We live in what is perceived as a very tumultuous time socially. There are many entities and groups pitted against each other, each with their own sides, opinions, and reasons for operating the way they do. This is reflected in the media, both off and on-line. Due to these divisions, it becomes extremely hard to find “just the facts”. There are too many sources to count that present only one side of an issue or event, and a plethora of others that either purposefully or accidentally spread misinformation.

Without a place for people to easily discern what is fact from opinion or even misinformation, they cannot effectively form an opinion for themselves. Information needs to be free, open, and clear of bias in order for people to form their own opinions. Currently, the cost of finding that information is driven to unrealistic levels due to the pervasiveness of biased or inaccurate sources.

The site

We (News Pace) are working hard to build the infrastructure to facilitate what we intend to be a common area to exchange happenings around the world. Unfortunately, this cannot always happen quickly with such a small team doing this on their spare time. The site hads come a long way since we started, and we intend to get it working the best that it possibly can. Please be patient, help spread the word, and sign yourself up to be alerted when the site is at a 'ready' phase. Thanks for visiting at such an early time.

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